3040 Cement

A rich shade of concrete speckled with particles, creating a captivating composition of grinded aggregates.

6011 Intense White

Petite crystalline sparks embellish a bright white base, with a mosaic pattern that is gleaming across the surface.

1111 Vivid White

The purest white, super soft and ultrapure in unity of colour, for luxurious simplicity that enables design freedom.

2003 Concrete

Cool, with dark greys flowing through, creating the wet-concrete look so unique to modern industrial aesthetics.

2141 Blizzard

A clean and refreshing white base, sprinkled with tiny grey grains for a touch of warmth and versatility.

1141 Pure White

The perfect white surface, creating a super-smooth, immaculate canvas.

2030 Haze

Soft shades and light sparks suspended over an iridescent surface, for a subtle, misty surface.