Kitchen Sinks

Remodeling your kitchen calls for functional design and durable materials..

Dior Interiors mission is to provide you with both, without compromising on the creativity and beauty needed to construct a space that inspires and entices your family and friends to spend time in it.

The sink is a crucial feature within the room: it must guarantee resilience, safety, and hygiene. At Dior Interiors we use a low-porosity material which can withstand impact, high temperatures, and frequent exposure to water and grease.

Integrity Q

The newest arrival in the Silestone Integrity series is the Integrity Q. It benefits from all the standard features of the Integrity range: scratch and stain resistance and superior durability…

Unique models for your kitchen

Colors & Textures

Dior Interiors gives you the freedom to personalize your sink with the Silestone color index. Combine that with the Polished texture , Silestone’s traditional polished finish with its soft reflections that add extra brilliance to the color, or try something a little different with Suede, a velvet-like surface offering a unique-to-the-touch sensation.

Integrity + Eternal Collection by Silestone

The designs of the Eternal Collection, inspired by the personality of natural stone, are now available with some of the integrity sink models.

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