Bathroom flooring

When you remodel your bathroom, you’ll need to set aside a sizeable chunk of your budget for flooring and wall tiles, due to the special challenges presented by humidity and hygiene requirements.

The choice of materials is a personal one, based on your tastes and preferences, among other things: for example, do you like your floor to be warm or cold to the touch? At Diorinteriors, we believe in beautiful surfaces: your family can walk barefoot in comfort on our tiles.

Advantages of our materials

Why are our materials top of the class? Because their characteristics make them an essential part of future-proofing your bathroom: hygienic surfaces with low levels of porosity that repel stains, are anti-slip, with a minimal number of joins, requiring little maintenance, and offer added benefits that you will appreciate every day. The durability of our stones makes your floors resistant to everyday impacts, and their beauty and quality won’t fade over time.

Our Partners

Inspirational bathrooms for your home

A demanding space

Diorinteriors offers you a wide range of colors and features to suit your style, your room, and the feel of your home. Choose smooth or textured surfaces, standardized colors, or authentic reproductions of wood, stone or marble. They present a great alternative for an area such as the bathroom, where there is constant exposure to water and personal hygiene products.

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